The most comprehensive transportation management software

Dispatch-Mate is a one-stop solution designed to help transport companies optimize efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Designed for companies in the logistics, TL, LTL, intermodal or forwarding, car transport and specialized transport (gasoline, bulk, private fleets, etc.) sectors, this software offers a wealth of planning, execution, and management tools, not to mention a wide range of comprehensive reports to improve day-to-day operations.

From order entry to invoicing, trip status, scheduling, dispatching, administration, and driver payroll, Dispatch-Mate follows you wherever you go.

Dispatch-Mate works for you!

Adapts to your business model

3PLs or brokers, TL or LTL commercial carriers of all kinds, private fleets and charterers, intermodal shipping, car carriers, and other specialized fleets: Dispatch-Mate is designed for you.

Fully automated and customizable

Drivers can easily update the dates and times of the stops they make, take photos, transmit and attach them to the order, and enter the name and signature of the recipient who has accepted the pickup and delivery.

Interfaces with a multitude of other software packages

Our dispatch software connects to your other tools, including mileage spreadsheets, accounting software, fuel cards, wireless communication systems - Telematics (E-Log), EDI - and many more.

Optimize your workload

Manage waybills, probills, and driver payrolls; access your truck dispatch table; perform administrative tasks; and access several reports.

Simple and user-friendly

Dispatch-Mate is intuitive and extremely easy to use for operators and managers, helping to minimize learning time and errors.

Intermodal Dispatch Mate

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Driver Communication Module

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DM Carrier Overview

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Technical Specifications
  • Adjustable order and dispatch boards
  • Virtual schedule and activity chart
  • Driver logbook and payroll
  • Document management and tracking
  • Automatic pricing of costs and revenues (LTL)
  • Consolidation across multiple terminals
  • Intermodal-compatible dispatch board
  • Local movement and trailer retention control
  • Efficient yard inventory updating
  • Detailed tracking of container movements
  • Interface with various voyage display boards and mileage software packages
  • Easy-to-read carrier confirmations
  • Document imaging for P-L (POD)
  • Modified boards for car transport
  • Quick and easy data exchange with third-party software
  • Logistics control panel
Interfaces with
  • Several accounting software packages
  • EDI interface (data exchange)
  • Web client interface (order entry and tracking, rate request, and POD)
  • Telematics (E-Log)
  • VIA Rail status queries (intermodal)
  • ACE | ACI
  • Customized accounting or file exchange (AS400, enterprise or SAP, etc.)
  • Software such as IFTA, millage, fuel card, log book, etc.
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • And much more

DM Mobile: mobile app for Android

  • Transmit trip itinerary and stops to drivers.
  • Update dates and times of completed stops.
  • Update orders and information.
  • Enter name and signature of the individual accepting the pickup or delivery.
  • Take photos, transmit, and attach to order.

Dispatch-Mate is available as a client-server or cloud-based software

Our trusted partner Server Cloud Canada offers businesses dedicated, secure, and scalable cloud hosting, enabling greater functionality and flexibility.

This turnkey service ensures easy and secure software migration, maintenance, and infrastructure hosting.

We believe that our real-time transportation management software should adapt to you, not the other way around..

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