DM Warehouse

The complete warehousing services solution

Developed for small and medium-sized businesses, DM Warehouse is a third-party warehousing management software offering all the essentials for simple, efficient operations management.

This solution allows you to efficiently rework, repack, stack, and track your merchandise, ensuring lower operating costs, reduced risk of error, and increased profitability.

Storage made simple with DM Warehouse!

Software that works for you

With customizable configurations, you can efficiently manage your goods-in, goods-through, and goods-out: automated and cycle-specific charges, cross-docking, stock handling and repacking, customer stock management, adjustments, perpetual or annual settlements, and much more.

Simple for you and your customers

Thanks to our web portal, your customers can easily place orders and check their inventory in real time. DM Warehouse also records and automates all products, specific prices, surcharges, and billing cycles for each customer, simplifying your operations and increasing your profitability.

Don't lose any information

Keep track of history, first and last entry, production and expiry dates, weight, size, and batch/serial numbers, generating all the reports you need.

Interfaces with a multitude of other software packages

Your merchandise management software connects to leading accounting packages, barcode scanners, and EDI wireless communication systems.

Adapts to your needs

DM Warehouse is flexible, offering a variety of options to suit your business reality: customization of entries and profiles for each product, management of multiple warehouses, tracking parameters, etc.

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Technical Specifications
  • Automated and cycle-specific charges
  • Repacking, transshipment, and stock handling
  • Customer inventory management, adjustments, perpetual and annual counts
  • Quickly find a product, its location, and its history
  • Track lot, production date, FIFO, serial number, roll number, height, and weight at multiple levels
  • Stock rotation and expiration control
  • Warehouse space configuration and utilization
  • Management of quarantined items, hazardous materials, and customs clearance
  • Generate comprehensive reports and documents such as packing slips, bills of lading, etc.
  • Create inventory reports for customers and operators
Interfaces with
  • Barcode reading with wireless system
  • EDI interface (electronic data interchange)
  • Document imaging
  • Web and mobile interface
  • Various accounting software

WH Mobile: the mobile app for Android

  • Handles incoming goods directly on the warehouse dock.
  • Check your inventory wherever you are.
  • Update orders and information.
  • Track inventory movements as you complete them.
  • Process shipments in real time.

DM Warehouse is available as a client-server or cloud-based software

Our trusted partner Server Cloud Canada offers businesses dedicated, secure, and scalable cloud hosting, enabling greater functionality and flexibility.

This turnkey service ensures easy and secure software migration, maintenance, and infrastructure hosting.

We believe that our real-time transportation management software should adapt to you, not the other way around.

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